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Environmental Approach

On behalf of minimizing damage to the environment, we use the correct production techniques.

Quality management

The production quality of the service we provide understanding and prioritizing the continuity at every stage.

Our Factory

"21,700 m² "off and" 87,000 m² "with open space in Europe and the Middle East's largest paper mill.

Leaders İn the İndustry

Our products are produced from 100% waste paper, "102,000 tons / year" We have theproduction capacity.

Grey Cardboard Uses

Applications of gray cardboard is produced by our factory.....

Cans Of Paper




Cylindrical Tubes

School Folders

Our Group Company

Bercadia AVM

Our Partners

Türkoğlu Kağıt

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    Adress : Evrensekiz Beldesi Gündoğu Mahallesi Köyaltı Caddesi No:2 Lüleburgaz / Kırklareli
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    Phone : +90 288 443 8010
    Fax : 0288 443 8010